Message to Kings

A Biblical History of Man

What is Message to Kings?

Message to Kings is a history podcast dedicated to telling a chronological Biblical history of man.  The primary focus will be the Biblical events and characters of history supported with historical references and external events.  Combining a story-telling style with an historical focus, Message to Kings strives to incorporate spiritual concepts, parallels, prophecies and practical applications from history to our world today.

Where is God in History?

Message to Kings is a historical journey and Biblical perspective of the history of man.  It helps to answer where was God in history?  It helps to explain the spiritual aspects of historical events and combines the spiritual elements of prophecy in this look at history.  A Biblical History allows us to witness the intersection of God and man and the spiritual and the physical.  Have you ever considered historical events are an answer to prayer or prophecy?  Biblical History considers the spiritual cause and effects and spiritual elements that impact our world today.





What is Biblical History?

Biblical History is a look at history from a Biblical perspective.  History is the study of the past as supported by archeology and historical documents.  Biblical History is the study of the past from the Biblical perspective, with the primary source as the Bible and supported by archeology and historical documentation.                                                                                                          


The Bible – The Primary Source

The foundation of Biblical History is God’s word - the Bible.  Biblical History is unique in that its primary source is a spiritual book.  If God is primary in your thinking and life and he is your sovereign Lord, we have to believe his word is the most supreme and authentic historic record in the world.  Biblical History is the story of man and his relationship with God.  

From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands.

                                   - Apostle Paul (Acts 17:26)


Rise and Fall of Civilizations

The Bible has direct references to the rise and fall of the Empires of Egypt, Assyria and Babylon and has prophecies regarding the rise and fall of the Empires of Persia, Greece, Rome and other future empires.  Message to Kings will address the rise and fall of these civilizations from a Biblical perspective and discusses the concept of nation states and the spiritual elements of civilizations.